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Gina Genovese - Hall Of Fame's Legend's Walk Brick“4 All Tennis Has Given Me”

This is the inscription on the brick that Gina Genovese has placed on the Hall of Fame’s Legend’s Walk.  Gina considers herself very fortunate to have had tennis in her life.  As a matter of fact, the game ultimately shaped her life.  Once ranked as high as 150 in the world, she started playing tennis when she was 16 and played on the pro circuit in 1980 – 1981. Gina was fortunate enough to realize that tennis has so much to offer and, in her case, the game has led her to happiness.  In 1983, she opened Gina’s Tennis World in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.  She tells us that she always dreamed of owning a club so this is her dream come true and it really is “her world”.

Gina has coached nationally ranked players and continues to teach at her club. She tells us that she loves finding an excuse to come to Newport to visit the Hall of Fame to explore the rich history of the sport. She has brought many of her students and friends to visit also.  “It is really special to walk through the Museum where you can see the evolution of the racquet, fashions and all aspects of the game. With each visit I always leave feeling so much more in touch with how far we have come.”

Gina is constantly reminded what tennis has done for her and she is happy to give something back by supporting the Hall of Fame. She has been a Member for 8 years and this year she also decided to permanently make her mark at the Hall of Fame with a brick on The Legends Walk. In her words, “4 All Tennis Has Given Me”.

Berkeley Heights Facility Teaching ‘Lifetime’ Sport for Almost Three Decades

by Joseph Harkins, The Alternative Press
on Sunday, May 08 2011

Gina Genovese - ranked among the top 150 women in professional tennis

Gina Genovese - ranked among the top 150 women in professional tennis

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ – Students taking lessons at Gina’s Tennis World have a ball in more ways than one. Their instructor makes sure of it.

Students are guaranteed to hit more balls in an hour than anywhere else in the country, but that’s not the only reason some 300 players have made a habit of coming to the Berkeley Heights facility each week.

“We make the game fun,” said Gina Genovese, who has been operating Gina’s Tennis World at 649 Springfield Avenue for the past 28 years. “Everybody comes here to have a good time. This is sometimes the most enjoyable hour of their week. Players come here because they want to be here – and that’s an extraordinary thing.”

Genovese prides her facility on two ball machines and a unique rotation system for instruction that eliminates long waits in lines so common at other courts where lessons are offered. It’s what’s helped the two-court indoor facility attract players from 5 to 80 years-old, and develop skills from beginner to advanced levels.

Gina Genovese has been teaching tennis at Gina's Tennis World in Berkeley Heights for close to three decades

Gina Genovese has been teaching tennis at Gina's Tennis World in Berkeley Heights for close to three decades

“I really love the mix,” said Genovese. “The variety and different levels really makes my job so much more meaningful and enjoyable.”

Programs include clinics for juniors and adults, semi and private lessons, regular weekly tennis games and Saturday night tennis parties as well as racquets and supplies including sneakers and professional stringing, seven days a week and four during the summer months.

“We constantly have to innovate and develop new ideas to stay fresh and keep up with the times,” said Genovese. “Not everyone learns in the same way so we use various approaches.”

Many of the instructional programs emphasize body mechanics and injury prevention. As an example, Genovese said students might sit on an exercise bench, rising to hit the ball to build leg strength. It’s a lesson not lost on the former professional who, at one time, was ranked among the top 150 women tennis players in the world until a congenial hip injury shortened her career at age 22.

“I don’t play as much as I used to,” said Genovese, jokingly conceding to her injury. “I want to make sure my own body parts last a little bit longer.”

Word of mouth, an aptitude for numbers and sound business sense allowed Genovese to lease the current facility and eventually purchase it in 1986, where she has since formed a number of “lifelong” relationships and a lasting career out of a “lifetime sport.”

“Coaching tennis is more of who I am and what I am,” said Genovese, a 20-year resident of Berkeley Heights who is assisted by tennis director Wendy McCahill and instructor Phil Rankin. “I just enjoy working with children and tennis players who want to excel at the game.”

For over 27 years, Gina’s team of high quality professionals has been developing the skills of beginners through advanced players.

by The Alternative Press
on Saturday, March 05 2011

We specialize in body mechanics and injury prevention techniques. In our clinics, you will hit more balls in an hour than anywhere in the country! We use two ball machines and a unique rotation system for instruction, so there are no lines.

Come experience our friendly and professional environment where you can take your game to the next level.

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