Gina played professionally in 1980-81 achieving a world ranking of 150.  She left the tour due to a hip injury and began teaching tennis in various area tennis clubs.  She founded Gina’s Tennis World in 1983 and coached over 25 nationally ranked players over the next 15 years.

Today Gina continues to develop new drills and ways to teach the game of tennis.  She brings her unique approach and her passion for the game to her students.

“My goal is to bring your game to the next level.  Seeing your improvement brings me joy.”

Gina brought her competitive energy into state and local politics.  Having won her second election, she served as Mayor of Long Hill Township in 2006 and ran for NJ State Senate in 2007.  Gina felt a void of leadership in NJ and decided to run for NJ Governor as an Independent candidate in 2017.  Many of her students worked on her campaign!  Teaching and mentoring students is Gina’s focus whether in tennis or politics.

In 2009, Gina founded Courage To Connect NJ, a non-profit, non-partisan organization that educates residents about municipal consolidation and school K-12 unification.  Gina serves as Executive Director of CtoCNJ and is the foremost expert in NJ on consolidation.  She can often be found traveling around the state supporting taxpayers and local officials with their consolidation efforts.  For additional information, check the website: